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Positive Spin is the result of over a decade of music production in Nashville with the top players, producers, vocalists, and engineers in Music City. These are professionals who work daily with each other all across the city in studios, home studios, tours, and at home doing productions and overdubs.

Couple this with a creative, veteran music producer and the hundreds of clients worldwide that have come to him for his unique production and artistic style both in the studio and in artist development, and you have something amazing.

Top notch production, positive, moving songs, by unique, creative singers, producers, players, and engineers. That's what Positive Spin is all about. It's more than a studio, or production company, or artist, or producer: it's a movement to get great, well produced positive songs out to the world.

Heading it all up is Eric Copeland, president and executive producer of all projects at Positive Spin. His refusal to settle for anything less than amazing has earned him accolades with clients, players, engineers, and music business folk alike. His easy going, get it done attitude is also one of the keys to his success.

Why We're Different

For one thing, we are not an "artist repping" company, we are a song-centric company that works with great singers, singers, producers, players, and engineers. Will we present great new indie and pro artists you may not have heard before? Of course. But our focus is on songs, and it always has been. Copeland started as a songwriter, and sees Positive Spin as the way to focus on writing and finding great songs, producing them to a high standard with the best in the business, and making them exclusively available for TV, film, ad, game, and other media use through this site.

Exclusive Songs

You won't find any of our songs in catalogs. We work exclusively with and for the music supervisor and music licensing community to serve their needs and offer them a higher level or artistic and creative songs. We have made the decision to stay away from any catalogs in building our company.

The City of Nashville at your Service

Because of the relationship between Copeland and the Nashville music pros, Positive Spin is positioned to produce quick turnarounds for busy music supervisors. Need something in a week? A few days? We literally have hundreds of top musicians, producers, engineers, and vocalists ready any day to get in the studio and knock it out - at a very high quality. We also have folks and studios in Orlando and Los Angeles.

Our model is very unique in that we have a large catalog of highly produced music we've built over the last decade or longer that we are exploring, gathering metadata, and clearing. And we are constantly producing new artistic, positive songs to add to that catalog every month. Also, every song you hear on this site has been cleared with both the master holder as well as the songwriter/publishers, and are easy and fast to license.

We hope to spin up something you are positive about!

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